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IGNOU Re-Admission Form 2013

IGNOU Re-Admission Form  2013– Download our Newest and Latest IGNOU Re-Admission Form for all Courses. If you failed to complete your Programme with our given Maximum Period so that student can get Reo-Admission in that Field.  Here is some Pro-rata fees for IGNOU Re-Admission Form

Master Degree Programmes 2 Years (2 years duration)
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes 2 Years (3 years duration)
Diplomas Programmes 1 Year (1 year duration)
Certificates Programmes 6 Months (6 months duration)

Please Download Your IGNOU Re-Admission Form from Below Link

Download IGNOU Re-Admission Form

  1. Student who failed to pay your Programme fees which not completed so they have to pay full fees of that Course with Pro-rata Fees.
  2. Student who not register for all Courses of IGNOU so they can get re-Admission in Incomplete Courses
  3. Re-Admission Courses Fees is valid for six months or one year or four semesters.
  4. Student can take Re-Admission in Old Courses.
  5. Containing Practical Components Fees is decided to your respected schools.
  6. Pro-rata Fees would be changed by IGNOU University at any time
  7. You have to pay fees to IGNOU payable at New Delhi by Demand Draft

2 Responses to “IGNOU Re-Admission Form 2013”

  • swati gupta says:

    I took admission in master degree in jan. 2010… when i took admission.. maximum period was 4 yrs , now it is 5 yrs and this is my last year according to last max. period..
    my question is
    Do i fill the re addmission form or not?

  • mukesh says:


    I took admission in bachelor degree in 2008…. when i took admission ..maximum period was 6 years, now i have already completed 48 credits in this period. now i can complete my balance 24 credits in this year or do i fill re admission form or re-registration please let me.

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