IGNOU 2015-16

IGNOU MEG – Master of Arts (English)

IGNOU MEG - The aim of this programme is to provide learners with a sound base in language as well as exposure to a wide range of literature, with options for specialisation in a particular area. The learners are expected to develop confidence in their critical and analytical abilities.

This 64-credit programme has a two-tier structure: five compulsory core courses and three optional courses. Each course is worth 8 credits. MEG-01 – MEG-04 are offered in the first year, MEG-05 and optional courses are offered in the second year.

Name of Programme:
Master of Arts (English) (MEG)

Minimum Duration:
2 Years

Maximum Duration:
5 Years

Course Fee:
Rs. 6,000

Minimum Age:
No bar

Maximum Age:
No bar

Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognised University.

Look here for all about IGNOU MEG

4 Responses to “IGNOU MEG – Master of Arts (English)”

  • Prashanthi.N says:

    kindly send me ignou meg question papers june 2013

    • Bhagirath Biswas says:

      please furnish the MEG Assignment question papers and its guidelines. Because I have not still found out the above in this website in accordance with the authority of Bullya college at Visakhapatnam. thanking u Sir,

  • Ashish Sharma says:

    I am a student of M.A. English (MEG). You are requested to send me solved assignments for MEG-1, MEG-2, MEG-3, MEG-4 June Session (2013-14). Mail me all these solved assignments as soon as possible.

    Thank You
    Ashish Sharma

  • reena banka says:

    i have taken admission in MEG course 2014 pls guide me with he assignments.

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