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IGNOU MCom Syllabus

IGNOU MCom Syllabus – Here you will find Latest IGNOU MCom Syllabus. In this course you will get Revised and Recently updated Syllabus Structure for IGNOU MCom. How many number of chapters, what chapter has how many credits, Course code of each subject are include in IGNOU MCom Syllabus Structure. In present time credit system are to be applied for Syllabus. This Syllabus is help in to give respected time to all the subject includes in the MCom Syllabus for getting good Examination. You can also click on the following link of IGNOU Syllabus main page to get all Courses Syllabus Structure by choose in the following list. Syllabus is most important for the preparation for IGNOU MCom Exam and get excellent grade.

IGNOU Syllabus is make it easy in your study schedule by choosing one by one subject for study of IGNOU MCom. If you are not able to get your IGNOU Syllabus so you can contact us by writing comment or email at ignoustdy@gmail.com.

IGNOU MCom Syllabus Structure:

First Year
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 IBO-1  International Business Environment 6
 IBO-2  International Marketing Management 6
 IBO-3  India’s Foreign Trade 6
 IBO-4  Export Import Procedures and Documentation 6
 IBO-5  International Marketing Logistics 6
 IBO-6  International Business Finance 6
Second Year
CourseCode     Course Name Credits
 MCO-1  Organisation Theory and Behaviour 6
 MCO-03  Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis 6
 MCO-04  Business Environment 6
 MCO-05  Accounting for Managerial Decisions 6
 MCO-06  Marketing Management 6
 MCO-07  Financial Management 6

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